Not just another new smart bait boat.

A). Used as bait launching, Load 500g bait per each time, radio control boat to any position within 200-meter range to release bait. Reload bait and release repeatedly.
B). Load 1 or 2 hook in the hopper to release in any position within 200 meter range.
C). Use supplied magnetic pothook to connect with the hook the at the rear of the boat, navigate boat within 200-meter range, magnetic pothook disconnect with the boat when fish bite hook, use the fishing rod to take fish back.

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Useful features.

Advanced engine power makes propeller and bait boat have strong power and sail speed.

Smart Design is not only good-looking but also makes bait boat could sail smoothly on the sea, river, lake or pool in various kinds of situations.

Powerful rechargeable NiMH-Battery ensures long time sailing on the water.


Manage your Bait Boat with the help of remote control.

Manage your bait boat with the help of the radio controlled remote control. First time to connect the bait boat and radio controller need to put them together within 30 cm distance.

After transmitter from the radio controller and receiver from the bait boat connected, then man control the bait boat sailing on the water(sea, river, lake, pool) within 200 meters distance.


Two different colors.

Two Different Colors Grey color and Yellow color for choices. Custom colors can be done according to customers requirements.

Compatible with your different kinds of application and situations.

The Bait boat is compatible with your different kinds of application and situations when using it! When you are fishing on the sea or near a river, or near a lake, or at a pool, you can use the RC bait boat to help your fishing.


Install NiMH Battery

Place rechargeable NiMH battery in the mounted position inside the cabin. Secure battery with the velcro strap. Switch on transmitter firstly and then switch on “POWER” button.

Close Hatch Cover

Install back the hatch on the cabin. Press down hatch align to cabin two mounted slot. The precise design and workmanship make the hatch cover waterproof.

Navigation LED lights On

Once switch on the battery power, the Blue and Red navigation LED lights will keep on lighting. The Navigation LED lights make us can use bait boat at night when fishing.

Track your activity in a different way!

Can install wireless underwater camera(optional purchase part, not included) on the boat, to detect water depth and find fish, View the fish biting hook through the display to have more fun for fishing.

Unlimited possibilities.

Can install small wireless fish finder(commercial available in the market, optional purchase part, not included) inside the boat(Note: bait boat designed with installation platform and power supply 12V 1A for fish finder ). Can also attach the wireless WIFI fish finder(commercial available in the market, optional purchase part, not included) to bait boat.

fishing with baitboat and fishfinder

Radio Controller.

The smart radio controller J4C91 is specially designed for the bait boat.

During BIND process, Keep transmitter with B: Switch off the transmitter. boat within 30cm distance. Switch off receiver box “POWER”.

Pull the trigger back to rear end, the boat will sail forward, then allow trigger back to neutral position slowly, then the boat will stop.

What color will you choose?

Now two main colors are available, RC bait boat yellow color and RC bait boat grey color!

More custom colors are also available according to customers custom requirements. There is an MQO for a custom color.



Radio Controller for Remote Control

Radio Controller makes the fishing people can remotely control the bait boat in a far distance with 200 meters.

Navigation LED Lights

The Blue LED Navigation lights in front and the RED Navigation lights at the back make you can fishing and with use the bait boat at night.

Underwater Camera Optional

The underwater camera set makes the fishing more accurately.

Fish finder Optional

The fish finder is optional. if use with the RC bait boat together, it would hugely increase the fishing success especially for the fishing beginner.

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